Mars: The Bringer of War 12.25.18



Not red. It just isn’t the same vibrant red from the pictures I saw, or even the red description from the malster. It really gives off a mahogany color, very rusty colored. Deep brown with hints of red in it, but really reminds me of a nice varnished wood.



Nice hoppy bitterness hits the nose when first poured. Fruit aromas jump out as the beer warms up. 


Flavors has a great balance of bitter hops and sweet fruits. I honestly think it might be a tad bit under hopped, but that’s not a huge issue in this beer. I get a surprisingly clean malt flavor on this, almost as if it was 2-Row and some amber Candi Sugar. I don’t get a lot of malty sweetness at all. And my suspicious is that maybe the water profile combined with a significant amount of hops gave this beer a very good balance, or even slightly tipped in the direction of hoppy. 

Hyper Critical:

Would I brew this beer again? Not with these malts. My Targaryen beer turned out very red, perfectly red in my eyes, and that beer was Pilsner, CaraRed, and CaraMunich. If I ever do another Red IPA, I’m going to use that grain bill, paired with a healthy amount of hops.

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