Chocolate Milkshake Brew Day

Here’s an experimental beer. I decided to take my base Juicebier recipe, add a few more malts, a lot of tasty adjuncts, and the result be a chocolate milkshake porter type thing. This dessert beer doesn’t really fit into a style, and I don’t really care.



Method Style Boil Size Batch Size Efficiency
All Grain Dessertbier 3 gal 2.5 gal 70% Target


OG FG ABV (alternate) IBU (tinseth) SRM
20.5º P 6.7º P 8.4% ABV 28 42.88

Target Water profile:

Ca+2 Mg+2 Na+ Cl SO4-2
85 0 25 150 50

I’m slightly tweaking my Juicebier water profile. This time there’s no magnesium, and I’m bumping the Sodium up to 25, and calming the chloride down to 150. 

DI Water additions

Gypsum 1.3g
Sea Salt 0.9g
Calcium Chloride 3.5g
Ca+2 Mg+2 Na+ Cl SO4-2
88.5 0 24.9 157.4 51.1

Estimated mash pH: 5.3


3.5 lbs Crisp Maris Otter
1 lbs Flaked Oats
1 lbs Golden Naked Oats
.25 lbs Honey Malt
.125 lbs Chocolate Malt
.125 lbs Roasted Barley
1 lbs Candi Syrup D-180
.5 lbs Lactose
100 g DME Pilsen (starter)

Plus a healthy amount of rice hulls. 


Hop Schedule

1 oz Liberty (4% AA) FWH 28.27 IBUs

Extra Flavors

4 chopped vanilla beans “dry hopped” in primary.

2oz Cocao Nibs “dry hopped” in primary.

And even possibly, 0.25oz white chocolate extract added at kegging.



My original choice was going to be London Fog, but it was sold out locally. I picked up a tube of WLP095 Burlington Ale instead. 

The night before brew day I pitched the tube of Burlington onto a 1 liter starter.


Brew Day

I weighed out my minerals prior to brewing, and then began heating 8 quarts of strike water in my GigaWort.

When the water was ready, it went into the mash tun,


and then the grains were added. I hit my mash temp mark of 155, and it even was running a little hot, but stayed below 160.


After the mash was over, I began the very slow process of sparging and lautering out the wort. I bought a coffee urn, fitted it with a kettle valve, and use this as my hot liquor sparge tank.


I vorlaufed quite a bit of wort as the sparge water heated up.


And when the sparge water was ready, I began draining the wort into the GigaWort. It was at this point I added my 1oz of Liberty hops.



I continued the sparge, very very slowly.


When I had enough wort in the GigaWort, I added 1 lb of D-180.


Shooting for my 3 gallon boil volume, I missed by just a little bit.


After the wort was boiled for 60 minutes, I tossed in the 8oz of lactose and gave it a good whirlpool for a couple minutes to let it dissolve. Then the wort was transferred to another kettle to be filtered and cooled.


After the cool down process, I poured the wort into the fermenter,


and then poured in my yeast starter. The fermenter was moved into my fermentation chamber, where it will ferment at 68º.


My numbers at the end of the day were lower than expected. The wort read about 18.9 on the refractometer instead of 20.5, which doesn’t overly concern me. I’d rather more chocolate flavors come through than booziness.

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