House Lannister 11.13.18

House Lannister

Final stats on this beer:

Expected OG Expected FG Expected ABV SRM
19.6º P 3.0º P 9.7% ABV 5.75
Actual OG Actual FG Actual ABV SRM
19.8º P  1.012 SG 9.8% ABV 5.75

This beer has been changing in the keg quite a bit. Fermentation kicked off a lot of banana notes, and it was something that stuck around for a while. This beer has now settled to its final profile I believe. 



VERY transparent beer, deep golden color. I’m surprised that this beer is as transparent as it is, and I’m also surprised that this beer appears a little more deep gold than bright gold. Not bad things, but not exactly what I was expecting. 



A big combination of the dried fruit, classic Chimay Belgian aromas, and banana. The banana is probably because the beer was fermented too warm, but I don’t find it unappealing at all. 


Snappy carbonation with medium to light body/mouthfeel. Right off the bat the beer hides its alcohol well to my palate. I wouldn’t be able to tell it’s encroaching 10% ABV without knowing. The flavor has a lot of banana on it. It isn’t as much banana as it was about a few weeks ago, but it’s a prominent flavor. I do get a bubblegum kind of thing going on also. The overarching flavor though is that of Belgian dried fruit and Chimay yeast, which is what I was going for. The more I drink this beer the more I can start picking out what I think is a Munich malt flavor. Although Munich Type 1 (5L) makes up only about 7% of the grain bill, it still leaves behind a big malty backbone. 

Hyper Critical:

The thing I point to the most in this beer is the banana flavor. While I think it happens to be a decent flavor and compliments the beer a little bit, I don’t think the flavor of banana belongs, or at least wasn’t my intention. But I think that’s about it. I really enjoyed this beer, I think it drinks well, and I find it more pleasing with each sip. If there was really really anything else, I might challenge myself to find a good adjunct to add to characterize the beer’s namesake. 

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