House Stark Brew Day

For the third and final beer of my Thrones themed beers, I’m brewing a Belgian Stout. The weather has gotten a little colder, which of course means……



Method Style Boil Size Batch Size Efficiency
Brew in a Bag Belgian Stout 3 gal 2.5 gal 70% Target


OG FG ABV (alternate) IBU (tinseth) SRM
19.5º P 3º P 9.64% ABV 30 38

Target Water profile: Chimay (boiled)

Ca+2 Mg+2 Na+ Cl SO4-2
30 7 7 21 21

Once again, I’m using the Chimay water profile. 

DI Water additions

Gypsum 0.70g
Sodium Chloride 0.25g
Calcium Chloride 0.50g
Lactic Acid 3.0g
Ca+2 Mg+2 Na+ Cl SO4-2
24.3 0 8 31.9 31.8

Estimated mash pH: 5.32


5.5 lbs Château Pilsner
0.50 lb Weyermann CaraMunich 1
0.25 lb Rahr Roasted Barley
1.0 lb Belgian Candi Syrup D-180
100 g DME Pilsen (starter)

Hop Schedule

1 oz Hallertau Mittelfruh (4% AA) First Wort 30 IBU


WLP500 – Monastery Ale (Chimay). I pitched 1 fresh tube into a 1 liter starter at about 4:30PM yesterday.

Brew Day


This morning I awoke to the sights of my yeast starter nice and active.


I sanitized all my equipment, added my my minerals in the kettle, diluted those minerals with 10 quarts of DI water, and fired up the GigaWort. 


As strike water heated up to about 154-155, who’s measuring, I opened up my bag of grains. They look and smell great.


I poured in the grains. I stirred it all up to ensure no dough balls in there, and began the 90 minute timer. 

10 minutes into the mash the temperature is just about where I want it. 


The mash stayed fairly consistent throughout, but dropped to about 147 at the end. 

The fresh wort was a nice brown color. I poured in 1oz of Hallertau hops before the mash, and then began pouring hot water through the grains. 

I sparged 3 quarts through the grains with extra bag squeezing, and still came up just a bit short of 3 gallons, very slightly more than 11 liters. After pouring in D-180 Candi Syrup, I grabbed a gravity reading of 16ºP, and decided to stick with this volume.


I fired up the kettle, and waited patiently for the beer to boil.


The wort boiled for 60 minutes, with no other additions. 

After the boil, I opened the ball valve and filtered the beer through a nylon mash bag.



I began the cooling process.


As it got cool enough, I got a gravity reading of 20.8ºP.

When the beer fully cooled, I poured it into the fermenter, and pitched my 1 liter starter. A final gravity reading said ~19.6ºP, right on target. If WLP500 does its typical job, this beer expects to be about 9.7% ABV.


I moved the fermenter into the chamber, where it will ferment for about a week. I’m going to ferment this beer a little higher, around 70ºF instead of 68ºF, because I’d like a little more Belgian flavor to come through and play with the roasted barley flavors more. 


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