Pale Wheat Doppelbock 10.23.18

Final stats on this beer:

Expected OG Expected FG Expected ABV SRM
17.6º P 2.7º P 8.5% ABV 6
Actual OG Actual FG Actual ABV SRM
17.6º P  1.012 SG 8.3% ABV 6

I’ve been slacking on a review of this beer. Initially I had it and it was OK, so I let it age a bit, and then it got better. So I’ve aged it again. 


Deep golden, not very transparent. Bright white minimal head of foam.



Sweet aroma coming through. Can’t tell if it’s Munich malts, Hallertau Blanc hops, Acetaldehyde, or some sort of combination of those. 


Snappy carbonation. Medium body mouthfeel. The flavor is kind of cloying on this bottle. In past bottles I’ve had a mix of flavors. Some bottles really gave off an acetaldehyde flavor of green apples coming through, other bottles have been exceptionally balanced. I think this bottle is more on the green apple side. Not great, but not awful. There is a healthy flavor of booze coming through on this one too. 

Hyper Critical:

It’s hard to describe this beer because each bottle has seemed a little different. I was never too excited about the results of any of them though. While I thought some of the bottles were decent, I think this beer fell short of what I wanted. I think if I ever tried this beer again, I might go more traditional on the hops, and give it a little more bittering charge to balance this beer out. As for the acetaldehyde, it was a problem in all my lagers I did this past summer. It was something to do with my fermentation and not the easiest problem to fix. I think this beer could have been good, but I don’t think it turned out great, and I don’t see myself brewing this beer again. 

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