Lemonaughty Milkshake Juicebier 10.18.18

Final stats on this beer:

Expected OG Expected FG Expected ABV SRM
16.3º P  1.023 SG 6% ABV 3.6
Actual OG Actual FG Actual ABV SRM
17.9º P  1.020 SG 7.5% ABV 3.6


With my new keezer system, this beer got turned around very quickly. I had a nightmare of a time trying to do a closed transfer to the keg on this one because A) I didn’t cold crash, and B) I didn’t do anything to filter the dry hops. In the future, I will be cold crashing and inline filtering my beers as a stress reduction technique.


I did get the beer into the keg after clogging the liquid connectors multiple times with hop matter, then did a burst carbonation and let it sit on the line for a few days, and then gave it a pour.



Totally hazy, bright pale yellow, paler than orange juice. It meets all appearance expectations in those two senses. It looks slightly undercarbed, shouldn’t be a big issue.



The aroma is almost just plain hoppy to my nose. I mean it smells nice, it smells like a hoppy beer, but nothing too crazy lemon flavor coming off it. I get a general sense of hoppy citrus notes…  As the beer warms up, I do get that tart lemon peel aroma lingering on the backside. As I focus on that, it quickly becomes all I can smell, my nose wants to start picking it out. 


The flavor has a lot of notes of citrus and lemon upfront. It is indeed slightly undercarbonated, nothing I can’t fix with the keg. As the beer warms up, I get a subtle lemon zest character on it along with a lot of hoppiness. It’s a very pleasant flavor. There is a hoppy bitterness that lingers on this, which isn’t bad at all. The bitterness offers some balance. I don’t particularly get a lot of the lactose in this one surprisingly. I wouldn’t know that it had lactose if you made me guess. It has medium to full body and mouthfeel, but nothing milky crazy. I think the lactose addition just belongs in this beer and blends in perfectly, rather than being too thick and whatnot. 

Hyper Critical:

I like this beer a lot. I’ll probably find myself drinking this beer quite a bit. I think I nailed every aspect that I could have in brewing this beer. This malt bill is ideal for me and my hoppy Juicebiers, and I think the lactose addition was good. I like the amount of hoppiness I got from doing a 4oz whirlpool at lower temperatures and a 4oz dry hop. The London Fog yeast played really well, and chewed up a little more sugars than I expected. But were the Lemonaughty hops my favorite? Not necessarily. Overall, the flavor seems more hoppy than lemony, but there is a nice mix of them going on. These hops are good, I enjoy this beer. I definitely prefer these Lemonaughty to Lemon Drop as a single hop use. But I think I might prefer these hops paired with a light addition of something like Citra or Amarillo to really accentuate the citrus flavors. I think I could also toss in some fresh meyers lemon zest in the keg to give off an even bigger burst of lemon. 

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