Cleaning liquid lines without CO2

I could easily clean the liquid lines in my keezer with a push of CO2 and a keg, but I didn’t want to waste even the slightest amount of CO2 pushing sanitizer through the lines, and I didn’t want to have an extra keg just for line cleaning.

Solution? I’ve heard of hand pumpers that can send sanitizer through the lines. While it sounded good, I found that most of the hand pumpers have a MFL tail piece and a beer shank wing nut attached to it, like the ones seen here and here. (click links).

Solution to the solution? I use daily at work these HDX 1 gallon hand pump sprayers. I went on a hunch that they would have 1/4″ tubing for the sprayer, and I was right. I spent about $10 on the sprayer itself, and a few extra dollars on the parts needed to covert it to attach to the liquid lines. The sprayer part was easier than I thought to unscrew and pull off the hose. I replaced it with a stainless 1/4″ barb to 1/4 MFL threaded piece.


From here, I mixed up 4 liters of water to 2oz of BLC in my pumper, affixed the pumper portion back on. To attach the pumper line to the liquid line is as easy as screwing in the black beer connector. I made sure to tighten the hex nut to prevent leaks. See the picture below, I tried to get as much all in the shot as possible.


After setting up the equipment, I placed a bucket under the tap, then opened the tap. It only takes a few pumps to get the pressure running. The pumper holds 4 liters of liquid, I pumped 1 liter of cleaner solution through each of my taps, and then pumped flushed each tap with the same amount of clean water. Clean lines! Easy to do, didn’t need a keg, didn’t need any CO2. Tah freaking dah.


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