House Lannister Brew Day

Only 204 days until GoT comes back. This beer is the first of three GoT themed beers I’m going to brew. The other two are going to be Targaryan and Stark themed, respectively. All three being Belgian style ales; a Belgian Golden Strong seemed like a great choice for House Lannister’s golden lion. 




Method Style Boil Size Batch Size Efficiency
Brew in a Bag Belgian Golden Strong 3 gal 2.5 gal 70% Target


OG FG ABV (alternate) IBU (tinseth) SRM
19.6º P 3.0º P 9.7% ABV 30.53 5.72

Target Water profile: Chimay (boiled)

Ca+2 Mg+2 Na+ Cl SO4-2
30 7 7 21 21

Once again, as I did in my last beer (Snooty Cooter), I’m going with the Chimay boiled profile. Actual numbers as follows:

DI Water additions

Gypsum 0.70g
Sodium Chloride 0.25g
Calcium Chloride 0.50g
Lactic Acid 3.5g
Ca+2 Mg+2 Na+ Cl SO4-2
22.6 0 7.4 29.7 29.5

Estimated mash pH: 5.25


5.5 lbs Château Pilsner
0.50 lb Weyermann Munich Type I (5L)
0.25 lb Torrified Wheat
1.0 lb Belgian Candi Syrup Golden (5L)
100 g DME Pilsen (starter)

Hop Schedule

1 oz Hallertau Mittelfruh (4% AA) First Wort 30.53 IBU


WLP500 – Monastery Ale (Chimay). I pitched 1 fresh tube into a 1 liter starter the night before brew day, and let it stir for a full 24 hours.


Brew Day

I made sure to double mill my grains today to ensure good efficiencies. 

I routinely sanitized and set up all my equipment, and then weighed out my minerals from the prescribed dosage above. I brought my strike water up to 152ºF, and poured in all the grains. I stirred the grains well for about 60 seconds, and placed the lid on. Initially the grain was resting at 147ºF for about 10 minutes. 


However, over the next 10 minutes with the kettle lid on, the temperature drifted up to 150ºF. 


The temperature was held there for the majority of the mash, until it dropped to about 147 again in the last 15 minutes or so.  

After the mash, I pulled the bag out, put it over my second runnings kettle, and gave it a few squeezes.

I added 1oz of Hallertau Mittelfruh to my first wort, and then proceeded to sparge and squeeze the grain bag.

I sparged 3 quarts of DI water through the grain bag, and with ample squeezing, I topped up to 3 gallons in the boil kettle. I added my 1 pound of Golden Candi Syrup, and gave the kettle a good stir. I checked the gravity with my refractometer and read about 16.2ºP.


I turned the stove back on and brought the beer up to a boil… 


90 minutes later, I cooled down the wort and strained it through a nylon bag into the fermenter. At this point I grabbed an ending kettle gravity reading of 20.8ºP.


My 1 liter starter looks like it’s just about finished its fermentation…


I pitched it and took a final gravity reading of 19.8ºP. I moved the fermenter into my chamber, and will let it sit for 7-10 days at ~68ºF. 


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