Australian Hopped Juicebier 9.2.18


Actual OG Actual FG Actual ABV SRM
17.1º P  1.020 SG 7% ABV 4.68

I’ve been lazy, this is the second time I’m drinking this beer since it’s been ready to drink. However, the first time I drank this one it just was slappingly bitter hops lingering on the end of the tongue. Figured it needed a little time to mellow. I was right. 



Looks like a big pour of juice, but not quite like orange juice. Very dense and hazy looking.

Frothy white head of foam that lingers around.


and has wonderful lacing. 



The hops come through the moment the bottle pops open. The fruits, the tropical, the intense hoppy aromas are there. More specifically? It’s hard to tell, there’s a combination of sweet tropical fruits, maybe a mango and pineapple, and some citrus bleeding through which is expected. They almost form an apple aroma? Whatever this combination of hops is giving off, it is very pleasant. 


The beer drinks with a snap of carbonation, and a medium to thick body on it. It’s not too thick and dense, but the beer lingers around the mouth afterwards. It isn’t a crisp drinking beer. It feels slightly heavy. It drinks with a large combination of booze, tropical fruit, and hoppy bitterness. I mostly sweet fruits on the tongue, it lingers with a sense of booziness, and finishes with a dry bitterness on the sides of the tongue. I mentioned before, this beer was REALLY bitter a week ago. It had the flavors I’m mentioning, but finished really bitter. Luckily that has calmed down to lay way for some pleasing flavors. 

Hyper Critical:

Would I brew this beer again? Absolutely. I think this is one of my better brews. I would change the schedule of hops, especially if the Vic Secret is going to be up at 21% again. I think the only flaw with the beer is that it has slightly too much bitter bite to it. Either using less hops or pushing them back to the whirlpool and dry hop would really help this beer stand out. 

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