Lemonade Juicebier 8.17.18


Actual OG Actual FG Actual ABV SRM
12.4º P  1.012 SG 5.12% ABV 3.6


Bright yellow haze but not super thick looking. 



Combination of alcohol, citrus, and pine all coming through. Not exactly smelling lemons, doesn’t remind me of a bright lemon aroma. Smells like a citrusy hopped beer. 


Body is thinner than I’d imagine. Carbonation is good. Flavor is exceptionally light. The beer goes down really easy. It feels much much lighter than a typical juicebier. I do get hints of citrus and lemon on this one, almost some grapefruit flavors too. Pleasant flavors are there. I can’t detect anything “off” about this beer. 

Hyper Critical:

Overall I think this is a great drinking juicebier. I would have liked more lemon flavors coming through. Perhaps I could have pushed most of the hops back to the whirlpool and doubled up on the dry hop. And even dry hopped some lemon zest into this. Would I brew this again? Probably. If I did it again, next time i’d brew it either down at a true session strength of between 4 – 4.5%, or at something around 8%. I think I’d also pair this hop up with something juicy like Citra or Simcoe. 

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