South African Juice 8.1.18


Pale gold, hazy, not super thick. Good amount of head and foam around the top. The carbonation dissipates quickly, but laces nicely. 



Nose is hard to pick out. I get hoppiness, but not nearly what I was expected at 4oz per gallon. It smells like a hoppy beer, but that’s about it… I don’t pick up a lot of sweet aromas as per this hop’s description. In fact the more I smell it, the more I’m picking up a noble spicy type aroma.  


Whoa, not fruit forward at all. They are quite lackluster in terms of the fruit flavors that were advertised. I do get a lot of spicy black pepper character on these. More wood and pine flavors, chewy wooden flavors coming through. I do get a bit of fruit lingering in the background. Some of that tart grapefruit type citrus is definitely there. 

I poured this beer for my boss, and I described what the hops are supposed to be before he tried it. He told me he wished I hadn’t told him koolaid, because he that’s all he can think of when tasting it. I didn’t get any of the koolaid flavor. If I did get any fruit flavors coming through it’s that of fermented citrus. Oh well.

Hyper Critical:

Would I brew this again? No chance. This pack of hops wasn’t good, I didn’t like it. I had very high hopes for South African hops, and I’m still slightly interested in the other varieties. But I can’t see myself spending the extra dollar for those any time soon. I’ve got other projects in mind. 

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