Australian Hopped Juicebier


Going with the same percentages of the last malt bill, but in a higher quantity, I’m trying out a couple of the same type of juicebiers with different hops. And this time I thought I could redeem myself from the Summer hops I recently used with another Australian hopped beer. This time I’m trying a favorite of mine, Galaxy, paired with a hop I’ve never tried before, Vic Secret.   

For my water profile, I’m going back to my typical profile of the following.

Ca+2 Mg+2 Na+ Cl SO4-2
115 5 10 200 50

(actual numbers are ±1)

The recipe:


Method Style Boil Size Batch Size Efficiency
Brew in a Bag Juicebier 3 gal 2.5 gal (fermenter) 70% Target


OG FG ABV (alternate) SRM
16.2º P 3.9º P 7% ABV 4.68


2 lbs Rahr White Wheat
2 lbs Chateau Pilsner
1 lbs Torrified Wheat
1 lbs Flaked Wheat
100g Pilsen DME (1 liter starter)

Hop Schedule

1 oz Galaxy (14.7%) Boil for 15 min
1 oz Vic Secret (21%) Boil for 5 min
1 oz Galaxy (14.7%) Whirlpool for 15 min
1 oz Vic Secret (21%) Whirlpool for 15 min
1 oz Galaxy (14.7%) Dry Hop for 4 days
1 oz Vic Secret (21%) Dry Hop for 2 days


WLP095 Burlington Ale, built on a 1 liter fast starter. 

Once again, like my on my last beer, I pitched the yeast onto a starter right before I started cleaning and sanitizing, just to give the yeast about 5-6 hours to wake up in some Pilsen wort. I find this method easier than a full 24 hours starter. 


Brew Day

I weighed out my salt and acid additions, added them to the kettle, diluted with 10 quarts of DI water, and tuned the stove on.


I’m going to heat these grains up to about 152 before doughing in, shooting for a mash temp of about 150ºF.

I did not compensate for the extra malt in this recipe, and my mash temp was sitting low around 148ºF at first.


I turned the burner on for about 45 seconds and got the temp back up to 151ºF, close enough. 

After the mash, I grabbed a reading of 13.6ºP.

I sparged my typical 3 quarts with a lot of squeezing, and hit my boil size of 12 quarts at 13ºP.

The beer was boiled for 90 minutes with the prescribed hop dosage listed above, and then whirlpool for 15 minutes. 


The boil cooled down and I grabbed another gravity reading of 18º)…


then transferred the beer through a nylon mesh bag,


poured the beer into the fermenter, pitched the 1 liter starter,


and grabbed a final gravity reading of just a hair over 17ºP equalling about 74% efficiency.


This beer is scaring the shit out of me right now the day after brewing it. But this type of scare has happened before… A while back when I brewed my Grapefruit Juice beer, I was afraid I had a bad tube of yeast because I saw no signs of fermentation. Alas, after taking a sample and gravity reading, I found that the beer had indeed fermented to 75% attenuation. Well, this beer is doing the exact same thing right now. And the starter was showing significant signs of fermentation during brew day, so I think it should be ok? Hoping? We’ll see.

update: never mind.




Wednesday to Wednesday, this beer has fermented and been bottled.


Pretty good looking beer. The sample tasted good too, a lot of sweet fruit hop flavors, and finishes with a hoppy slap in the face. Not an astringent slap, but a high alpha slap. Those Vic Secret pellets being at 21%AA were nearly in the range of LupuLN2 pellets.


The beer finished at ~1.020, meaning it had 71.6% attenuation, and will be right at 7% ABV.


Here’s the final stat line on it.

Predicted OG Predicted FG Predicted ABV Predicted SRM
16.2º P 3.9º P 7% ABV 4.68
Actual OG Actual FG Actual ABV Actual SRM
17.1º P 5.1º P 7% ABV 4.68


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