Lemonade Juicebier


Single hop, session strength, juice beer with Lemondrop hops and fresh lemon zest. That was my idea, and it sounded tasty.  I also wanted this beer to be predominately wheat based.

For my water profile, I’m going to do something I’ve done in the past that resulted in a fairly dry juice style. 

Ca+2 Mg+2 Na+ Cl SO4-2
125 0 0 185 75

(actual numbers are ±1)

Plus a 1g addition of lactic acid drops the mash pH to 5.17. I’m hoping to get something more crisp out of this one, and maybe slightly (if at all) tart.

The recipe:


Method Style Boil Size Batch Size Efficiency
Brew in a Bag Juicebier 3 gal 2.5 gal (fermenter) 70% Target


OG FG ABV (alternate) SRM
11.4º P 2.7º P 4.7% ABV 3.6


1.5 lbs Rahr White Wheat
1.5 lbs Chateau Pilsner
0.5 lbs Torrified Wheat
0.5 lbs Flaked Wheat
100g Pilsen DME (1 liter starter)

Why flaked wheat AND torrified wheat? No idea.. Just because. 

Hop Schedule

1 oz Lemondrop (5.5%) Boil for 15 min
1 oz Lemondrop (5.5%) Boil for 5 min
2 oz Lemondrop (5.5%) Whirlpool for 15 min
1 oz Lemondrop (5.5%) Dry Hop for 4 days
1 oz Lemondrop (5.5%) Dry Hop for 2 days


WLP066 London Fog, built on a 1 liter fast starter. 

I’m trying something different today, I pitched the yeast onto a starter right before I started cleaning and sanitizing, just to give the yeast about 5-6 hours to wake up in some Pilsen wort. 


Brew Day

I weighed out my salt and acid additions, added them to the kettle, diluted with 10 quarts of DI water, and tuned the stove on. I’m going to heat these grains up to about 152 before doughing in, shooting for a mash temp of about 150ºF.

Mash temp was hit, and drifted 2º up and down the entire time. I had it at 150 some of the time, then 152, then back to 150, and it finished at about 148. Shouldn’t be an issue…


After the mash foam looked like it was subsiding after about 60 minutes, I pulled the grain bag and gave it a good squeeze into the boil kettle. Along with the mash water and the squeezing, I had about 9 quarts that read 9.8ºP on my refractometer.

I put the grains on my strainer over my second runnings kettle. 


Sparging and squeezing 3 quarts of liquid yielded me exactly 12 quarts total back in the boil kettle, with a refractometer reading of 9ºP. 


40 min later, the boil kicked off, set for 90 minutes. 


Now for the zesting of the lemons.


3 lemons yielded me just over 1oz of zest.


Now I have 3 bald lemons.


I added the prescribed hop additions at 15 and 5 minutes.


After the boil, I began whirlpooling and added another 2oz of Lemondrop hops and 1oz of fresh zest.


Checking on my starter… it’s alive.


The boil cooled down in an ice bath, and I grabbed a gravity reading of 12.8ºP, then transferred the wort through a nylon mesh bag, poured the filtered wort into the fermenter, and pitched the 1 liter starter. 


I wanted a true session strength beer, something between 4.25-4.75, but it looks like I overshot my gravity and this beer could turn out just about 5%. 

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