Auspicious 7.17.18

This past Tuesday night I brought this beer to the bar to share with the bartender, getting my first taste at it also.



Pale gold in front of light, more orange gold in ambient lighting. Pours with a solid white head that dissipates quickly. 



Nose is quite nice. I get sweet fruits and the juicy hop aromas I expected. There is a small undertone of homebrew yeasty smell coming off of it too. But otherwise this beer is appealing up front.


Flavor is weird to me. Seems off in some way. It has some hoppy flavors on it, hard to pick out though. It leaves a hop bite on the end, in a bitter sort of way. I am tasting the beer at very cold temperatures though. As it warms up it changes in a better way. I get more more of the fruit flavors that I can detect from the aroma that come through, and still leaves a bitter hop bite on the end. 

Hyper Critical:

Would I brew this again? Probably. I’m beginning to get suspicious of two things with this beer. I think that the Summer hops I had could have been just old, and their flavor has become lackluster. I’d consider trying out this beer again if I could get my hands on a fresh crop of Summer, because it sounds like a nice hop. I’m also suspicious that I might be leaking oxygen into my bottling process, something that I haven’t dealt with in the past, so perhaps I should reexamine my bottling methods. Overall this was a decent beer, despite me being my biggest critic.

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