Celebrator Emulator 7.4.18

Celebrator Bottle

Celebrator Emulator, an Ayinger clone I brewed a little while ago, turned out fairly nice for my first ever doppelbock.


Nearly completely black. It has hints of deep red brown colors, but is opaque and lacking saturation.



Distinctive dark lager. It combines all the aromas of German lagers with chocolate or black malts. Very pleasant roasted aroma coming through.


I guess I’ll describe the carbonation here, but it’s definitely way under carbonated. And that’s probably due to the lack of yeast going into the bottle, or dead yeast going into the bottle.

Other than that, the flavor is almost where I wanted it to be. It has a roasted flavor to it that balances the heavy Munich malt flavor. It finishes on the palate very smooth and very pleasant. There is no harshness coming through anywhere on this beer.

Hyper Critical:

Of course this beer could be better, but it’s my first doppelbock ever. I do get some slight sweetness taste coming through similar to that of the Hallertau SMaSH lager I made. I’m thinking that is the yeast flavor leaving behind some sort of residual sweetness. The beer has a homebrew flavor on it too. The beer could probably use some age, which might clear up those off flavors. Overall, a decent beer, good drinker for this rainy season.

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