Nectar of the Kodz Brew Day

A buddy of mine had an idea not too long ago to brew a NEIPA except with a hefeweizen yeast strain. He explained to me that his idea was to get the flavors of banana and other tropical fruits playing together. I thought about possibilities for a recipe, and we decided to both brew our own recipes without any collaborating, and then compare later. 

Focusing on my recipe, I went with the choice of a single hop, and chose Australian Summer hops, for two reasons. First, I liked that these hops were only 5.8% alpha acids. I didn’t want to choose any high alpha acid hops because I thought the flavor could become too harsh. And second, I thought the description of these hops sounded like they would balance well in this beer.

AROMA PROFILE: STONE FRUIT, TROPICAL FRUIT, FRUITYSpecific aroma descriptors include apricot and melon.” – YCH Hops

I felt like the apricot, melon, and banana would make for a good flavor profile. 


Method Style Boil Size Batch Size Efficiency
Brew in a Bag Hoppy Hefeweizen 3 gal 2.5 gal (fermenter) 70% Target


OG FG ABV (alternate) IBU SRM
11.5º P 2.8º P 4.67% ABV 26 3.63

Water Profile

Ca+2 Mg+2 Na+ Cl SO4-2
20 5 10 50 20

Salt additions for that:

Gypsum 0.0g
Epsom Salt 0.7g
Sea Salt 0.4g
Calcium Chloride 1.0g
Lactic Acid (88%) 2.5g

Mash pH target: 5.25


1.5 lbs Weyermann Pilsner
1.5 lbs Rahr White Wheat
0.5 lbs Torrified Wheat
0.5 lbs Flaked Oats
100g Pilsen DME (1 liter starter)

Mash at 150ºF for 90 min

Hop Schedule

1 oz Summer (5.8% AA) Whirlpool 15 min @ 200ºF (10% utilization) 17.38 IBUs
1 oz Summer (5.8% AA) Whirlpool 7 min @ 190ºF (5% utilization) 8.69 IBUs
1 oz Summer (5.8% AA) Dry Hop for 4 days
1 oz Summer (5.8% AA) Dry Hop for 2 days


White Labs 300 (Hefeweizen Ale), built on a 1 liter starter, and pitched into wort at 70ºF. 

Brew Day



4 pounds of grain will be mashed in 10 quarts of water at 150ºF for 90 minutes…

I ended the mash about 15 min early and pulled the grain bag. Significant squeezing lead me to only have to sparge 3 quarts. I stirred up the second runnings and added them back to the boil kettle.

I pulled a sample and got a preboil gravity of ~10.5ºP


The boil was rather meek. I got it to boil in a normal amount of time, but when all the boil-over foam subsided, the wort didn’t seem to boil very vigorously. I guess I don’t mind how crazy the boil is, as long as I get enough evaporation. Nonetheless, I finished the boil in 60 minutes, and whirlpooled 1 ounce of Summer for 15, and another ounce for 7.5 minutes. 

While cooling down the beer, I noticed I did have slightly more wort than I usually do, just under 10 quarts…I decided to just go with it. I’ll just have some extra liquid and hope I don’t need too much headspace in my fermenter.


I poured the wort into the fermenter, and then poured my entire 1 liter starter (including the stir bar fuck me, right?) into the fermenter, and came out with definitely more than the typical 2.5 gallons I usually put into the fermenter. I likely blame the slow boil for this. I took a final gravity reading and got 13ºP, and placed the fermenter into my chamber where it will ferment at 70ºF.



Well… WLP300 doing it’s thing, working hard.


Didn’t have any blowoff equipment, had to run out and buy some tubing.


 After dry hopping the beer twice with Summer hops, I bottled it 8 days after brew day.

Here’s what the finished beer looks like in the carboy.


And since I had more beer in the carboy than usual, I got 8.5 liters total out of this batch.

After draining the carboy and beginning to clean it, I remembered. My stir bar! Little guy made it all the way through fermentation.


And the final gravity reading on this beer comes in at 1.012.


The final stats on this beer:

OG FG ABV (alternate)
Targets 11.5º P 1.011 SG 4.67% ABV
Actuals 13.3º P 1.012 SG 5.45% ABV



I think I fucked up. Looking through my fridge, I found I was short 1oz of Galaxy hops and had an extra bag of Summer hops…… My guess is I wasn’t paying attention and gave this beer a dry hop of Summer and Galaxy instead of Summer and Summer. Whatever? Maybe?

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