Bloom Clone 3.12.18

5.4% ABV, 180 IBU, NEIPA.

Recipe and Brew Day:

Well, this beer was a stinker. Not in terms of aroma, but in terms of flavor. When I bottled this beer the sample tasted super bitter. I was not a fan of it then. Turns out I’m still not a fan of it. I went over to a friend’s to try it out, and he gave me a lot of good flavor notes on it.



Bright golden yellow with lots of carbonation. The beer really does look nice. It’s cloudy, attractive yellow color with no signs of oxidation, and has a great lingering white head on it.


I get a lot of Simcoe style aroma on it. Sweet pine is how I describe it, but there’s layers of the tropical fruit and pine aroma too. It smells nice. I do also pick up a nail polish rubbing alcohol aroma in the background a little bit.


Here’s where it gets bad. It’s really bitter, like really really bitter. It was described to be as black pepper, which I agree with. “It’s like chewing on a pencil” is the term I mostly agreed with. It had gross bitter woody flavor on it. I don’t know what went wrong with this beer.

Hyper Critical:

As I already talked about in the brew day post, I have two suspicions as to why this beer is bad.

Nugget hops, which are listed as bittering hops, but I’ve used hops in this style of beer with higher Alpha Acids, so I’m not totally convinced that’s the issue.

I still believe that this could be an issue. It’s just too many bittering hops for this style, and it turned astringent and gross.

My second suspicion is the water profile. This was the first time that I went with the 150:150 Chloride:Sulfate ratio. It certainly could be the elevated sulfate levels contributing to the bitterness, especially considering my aggressive hop schedule with equal boil and equal whirlpool additions.

The elevated sulfate levels could be an issue, or it certainly could be a combination of both elevated sulfate levels and an aggressive bittering hop together. I need more advice on what’s causing this beer to be bad…

Looking at Parish’s website one more time, they say:

A juicy, soft, hazy IPA absolutely loaded with Simcoe and Nugget hops.

I imagine there’s other hops in Bloom, not just Simcoe and Nugget. In what capacity is simcoe and nugget used? Boil? Whirlpool? Dry hop? I don’t know.

Would I brew this beer again? No. I might consider using a touch of nugget and simcoe somewhere in a springtime IPA for the future, but I would move towards completely different hops to achieve a soft, sweet, and floral IPA.


UPDATE: APRIL 12, 2018

Bloom came out again. I had it both on draft and in bottles, and I honestly taste some of the same underlying flavors that were in my “clone” beer. However, I also got a lot of the classic Parish IPA sweet flavors; mainly Citra I’m guessing.

Redoing this recipe: first I’d cut down on the malts. I think I could use just 2-row and flaked wheat probably. Then I’d probably add mostly Citra to the hopping schedule, with a little bit of Simcoe and Nugget in the whirlpool, and a 2:1 ratio of Citra:Simcoe+Nugget in the dry hop. Something like that.

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