Grapefruit Juice 2.20.18

5.25% ABV, 200 IBU, Grapefruit NEIPA.

Grapefruit Juice Bottle Art.jpg

This is the most recent beer of mine I’ve opened, and it was popular. 8 liters lasted only 6 days.


I’m talking about aroma before appearance because I could smell this beer a mile away before I saw it coming. Huge grapefruit. And I mean HUGE citrusy grapefruit. When racking and bottling this beer, my roommate was able to smell it from his room upstairs. And the aroma kept in the bottling process too. Friends who drank this beer were able to smell it as I was pouring them glasses.


Bright pale yellow, almost identical color and opaqueness to orange juice.



The predominant flavor was grapefruit. Hard to describe it as anything else. It was as juicy as I wanted it to be, however, the homebrew shop owner thought it was slightly dry and could have been a little softer. Friends described it as very tasty and decently refreshing for an IPA.

Drinking the beer while it was still cold, I got a lot of grapefruit pith flavor. There weren’t much hoppy flavors while it was cold. As it started to adjust in the glass, it tasted like a combination of freshly squeezed orange juice and grapefruit juice. As the beer warmed up further, I started to notice more hoppy flavors. I got hoppy bitterness sort of flavors that were difficult to detect.

Tonight, drinking the last bottle of it, it had slightly mellowed. I thought there was an excellent balance of grapefruit bright citrus and hop bitterness together, with the hoppiness coming at the front end, quickly taken over by grapefruit, and finishing on another note of hops.



Overall, I’d describe this beer as huge grapefruit and bright sweet citrus flavors with bitter hoppy undertones.

Hyper Critical:

Ideally I’d like to have described this beer as big hoppy flavors of grapefruit and sweet citrus, with undertones of bitter pith. But. This beer turned out way more pithy, citrusy, and grapefruity than I imagined. Woo did it have a pithy kick on it. 1 ruby red grapefruit and 1 white grapefruit (both grown in Louisiana) were zested the day of the brew. I collected .8oz of zest and tossed them in with my whirlpool additions. I thought the amount of grapefruit zest and flavoring I added masked the hop flavor. I bought Ella hops especially for this beer, and I’m not really sure what they taste like! Could’ve just used cascade or any other citrusy hops off the shelf. I think I can definitely back off on the amount of zest next time. The other ingredient I used that I might scrap entirely next time is the Brewer’s Best Grapefruit extract. I would rather have had natural hoppy grapefruit flavor come through than the extract flavor coming through.


I achieved my goal of making grapefruit juice. It was a very good beer. However. For my personal taste preference in terms of juicy IPAs, I think I would scrap the extract, use less fresh zest, and let the Ella Galaxy combo come through.


Here’s the recipe.

Method Style Boil Size Batch Size Efficiency
Brew in a Bag NEIPA 3 gal 2.25 gal (kettle) 70% Target


OG FG ABV (alternate) IBU (tinseth)
Targets 13º P (1.0526 SG) 3.1º P (1.012 SG) 5.46% ABV 202
Actuals 13.3º P (1.054 SG) 3.8º P (1.015 SG) 5.25% ABV 202



Ca+2 Mg+2 Na+ Cl SO4-2
Target 125 5 10 200 75
Actual 125.8 5.2 11.9 200.4 75.4


3.0 lbs Rahr Pale 2-row
1.0 lb Golden Naked Oats
1.0 lb Flaked Oats

Hop Schedule

1 oz Ella (16.9% AA) Boil 15 min 68.93 IBUs
1 oz Galaxy (17.8% AA) Boil 5 min 29.17 IBUs
1 oz Ella (16.9% AA) WP @ 211ºF for 15 min 50.63 IBUs (10% Util.)
1 oz Galaxy (17.8% AA) WP @ 211ºF for 15 min 53.33 IBUs (10% Util.)
0.8 oz Grapefruit zest WP @ 211ºF for 15 min pith
1 oz Ella (16.9% AA) Dry Hop for 4 days
1 oz Galaxy (17.8% AA) Dry Hop for 3 days
1 oz Ella (16.9% AA) Dry Hop for 2 days


WLP095 (Burlington), 1 fresh tube pitched into a 1 liter starter.

Other Ingredients

1oz of Brewer’s Best Natural Grapefruit Extract at bottling. (ended up being 1.05 oz grapefruit extract per 7.5 liters (1.98 gallons))

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